Moments in time.

Ephemeral and fleeting moments of deep love and connection. Photographs capture these special moments of our loved ones and I truly believe they have the power to revive the emotions felt many years later.

For the past 12 years, I have loved photographing newborn babies, older babies, big sisters and brothers, and entire families in my home studio. But now that my own children have grown up and become more independent, it’s my time to stretch and grow.

So I have opened a new, gorgeous, natural light studio in Blackrock (South County Dublin) where I will continue to capture the big love and the tiny details of those incredible babies and their families.

In addition, I’m adding to my portfolio a special service for women to pamper themselves with a hair and makeup session followed by a customised photo session.

Beautiful, natural photos and memories of a lovely experience will result from our time together.

Get in touch to discuss how I can try and freeze a beautiful moment in time for you and your loved ones.